Understanding Self as Leader

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Most people get promoted into leadership roles based on subject matter expertise. Suddenly they are responsible for leading others, and rarely do they have the time to truly understand what leadership is, how their roles and mindset need to change, and to truly understand the gifts they bring as leaders and how they want to lead. This one-day module frames what it means to be a leader today, helps individuals understand their gifts and overdone strengths, helps create leadership resilience, and gives them critical new skills to build relationships and think big picture.

After this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand what it means to be a leader
  • Be able to articulate your gifts, strengths and purpose as a leader
  • Understand why you want to lead and what your leadership values are
  • Be able to demonstrate confidence that is rooted in their identity and personal experinece


  • 2024/03/00


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  • Canada


  • four x half day sessions

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