Effective leaders  ….

    • Unite people to achieve impactful actions and results, unlocking potential, and boosting engagement.
    • Demonstrate emotional intelligence, resilience, courage, and unwavering integrity.
    • Possess deep self-knowledge, including gifts, strengths, and purpose, to remain steadfast in adversity.
    • Are able to deal with challenges with a powerful ease while maintaining perspective  and lightness.
    • Support others generously and are able to accept  support from others.
    • Adopt a growth mindset and continually seeks self-improvement through feedback.
    • Confidently handle change, motivate courageous action in others, and maintain their integrity and values during adversity.
    • Are deeply invested in others’ growth and development, aiding them in reaching their fullest potential.
  • Enhance Energy
  • Emotional Well-being.
  • Nutritional and Fitness Coaching
  • CEO and Executive Team Coaching
  • Board-Level Coaching and Support
  • Individual Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Development at the Identity Level
  • Creating Presence, Resilience and Capacity
  • Lead and Empower Others and Teams
  • Enhance Team Relationships
  • Communication and Accountability
  • Create Strategic Clarity and Ability to Execute
  • Enhance Meeting Effectiveness
  • Strategic Clarity and Direction
  • Executive Team Alignment and Engagement
  • Defining and Transforming Organizational Culture
  • Board Effectiveness and Strategic Planning
Leading Self & Personal Wellness
Leading Others
Senior & Executive Leadership



Larry has deep experience in the development of leadership in others spanning more than 25 years in the private….See bio



Colin Funk has spent the last 25 years working as a facilitator, director and theatre producer throughout western Canada….See bio



Ginette is an experienced coach, facilitator, educator, and counsellor. Ginette has a Bachelors of Education….See bio



Vivianne is very passionate about health and wellness and understands the principles of good nutrition and h….See bio



As an officer, pilot, international arms inspector and corporate executive, Franc worked and led within deeply ingrained leadership and performance cultures….See bio



Mike has been an experiential facilitator  for over 25 years. He has gained a strong reputation for his ability to create an environment of trust, safety and confidence….See bio



As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and member of the International Coaching Federation, Erin focuses on practical leadership development…..See bio


Mike Hoffort President and Chief Executive Officer - Farm Credit Canada

Larry has been a trusted advisor and coach to both new and long tenured leaders at FCC for almost two decades. His ability to help individual leaders unlock their full potential to successfully serve their employees and support the achievement of FCC’s business objectives is invaluable.

Carole Stevenson-Roy Director, Corporate Communications and Learning - Alberta Motor Association

The two days the Reframe team facilitated were just amazing. Full stop! Your team can roll with change with grace. They were using our cultural language and weaving in important ideas like TYLF regularly (loved that). Most importantly I think, they did a fantastic job demonstrating their expertise in a fun, accessible and engaging way.

Pauline Smale CEO - The Family Centre

The Family Centre has been working with Reframe Leadership Inc for over 10 years. Larry Hulsmans customized strategic planning sessions with our board and executive leadership team which provided us with a clear vision and systematic way forward. Larry is engaging, knowledgeable, current and the ultimate professional. As such I chose to access his coaching services as well. I recommend Reframe Leadership Inc. to my colleagues without hesitation.

Janine Hynd-Johnson Director SGI

I am and will be forever grateful and live in gratitude each and every day for being a part of the SGI co-facilitation group with Reframe. Each facilitator that I worked with working with your company taught me something different (I was blessed to work with 5!!!).

Andrew Cartmell President & CEO - SGI

Larry is a key partner in our journey designing and implementing an intentional culture - a culture that will support our company in a business environment that is fast paced and rapidly changing. Larry and Reframe have made a difference and the proof is that our employee engagement scores jumped 6 points in a time of major change."

Janice Watson Vice President Human Resources - G3 Canada Limited

Reframe was extremely effective as they worked with the executive team to define a leadership vision and culture that would serve the company’s strategy. The executive were able to work through and define critical leadership and culture behaviours while developing their own skill and ability to model and coach. The end result, was an executive team that moulded into one team - one culture.

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