Leading Change: Understanding Competing Commitments

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  • In-person


Why is it that only one in seven heart transplant patients can make a change in their lifestyle despite being told they will die if they continue with their present habits? Remarkably, we find it difficult to change even when facing the possibility of death! This inability to change has everything to do with a competing commitment. We say we want one thing yet we are actually committed to something else. This creates an immunity system that, left unexamined and explored, can make it almost impossible to change.

After this workshop, participants will:

  • Help get others unstuck and move into change in a different way.
  • Understand and be able to apply the competing commitments framework to any tough change situation and unearth the system that is stopping the change from happening.
  • Be able to coach others in identifying their immunity to change system and design a plan to overcome that system.
  • Be able to apply this framework at a team and organizational level to deal with change issues beyond the individual level.




  • Online


  • 1 day

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